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The capital planning and design process at UC San Diego is impelled by parallel processes to define academic and extracurricular program objectives (see the UC San Diego Capital Financial Plan for a discussion of the key program objectives). With the goal of developing land use and building project plans that balance aesthetics and functionality, and advance the development of the campus' environs and facilities in a financially responsible manner, UC San Diego relies on a number of planning processes that actively engage faculty, students, and staff on a variety of committees.

Standing Committees

The development and implementation of land use and capital improvement plans at UC San Diego is overseen by three standing committees: the Campus/Community Planning Committee, the Design Review Board, and the Capital Outlay and Space Advisory Committee.

  1. Campus/Community Planning Committee. This group advises the Chancellor on issues pertaining to the physical development of the campus. The actions of the Committee are informed by two subcommittees, the Marine Sciences Physical Planning Committee for projects located in the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the Open Space Committee.

  2. Design Review Board. In conformance with Regental policy, this group advises the Chancellor on facility design and landscaping guidelines, and the designs of new buildings and major landscape projects to ensure consistency with applicable planning guidelines. The membership includes three architects from the private sector, one landscape architect from the private sector, the academic and administrative co-chairs of the Campus/Community Planning Committee, an at-large representative of the Academic Senate, and the Vice Chancellor of Resource Management & Planning.

Ad Hoc Committees

  1. Planning Advisory Committees. The preparation of campuswide or neighborhood level physical plans is overseen by a committee of faculty, students, administrative leaders and senior planning and design staff. These studies identify sites for new academic, administrative, housing, recreation, parking and support facilities; define vehicular and pedestrian circulation improvements; develop design guidelines that define neighborhood site characteristics and building attributes; and provide phasing plans to enable orderly growth.

  2. Building Advisory Committees. For each major building and landscaping project, programmatic and design input is overseen by a committee of faculty, students, administrative leaders, and senior planning and design staff. These committees work closely with the appointed design professionals so that each project meets the predefined program goals and design objectives. In addition, Resource Management and Planning units (Capital Planning, Facilities Design and Construction, Facilities Management and Physical Planning) collaborate to complete required project documents, including project description and justification analyses, environmental impact assessments, site plans, design documents, a construction schedule, and a budget. Other campus consultants from Environment, Health & Safety, Facilities Management, Telecommunications, etc., also provide technical assistance and advice to Building Advisory Committees.

Planning Committees

Campus/Community Planning Committee

Marine Sciences Physical Planning Committee

Open Space Committee

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