Environmental Planning

The Environmental Planners in the Physical & Community Planning Office participate in the planning and design of UCSD development projects, reviews the environmental impacts of these projects, develops mitigation measures for potential impacts, and oversees an on-going mitigation monitoring program. The primary goals of environmental planning are:

  1. Promote the design and construction of environmentally appropriate campus projects,

  2. Manage the environmental review process required by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and UC CEQA Handbook for proposed development on campus, and

  3. Develop resource management plans that promote long-term sustainability of the campus' natural resources.

CEQA is the basis for environmental law and policy in California, and it requires multidisciplinary review of environmental impacts and decision making based on this review. The environmental reviews of currently proposed projects on campus are tiered from the UCSD 2004 Long Range Development Plan Environmental Impact Report (2004 LRDP EIR).

The LRDP EIR analyzes full implementation of uses and physical development anticipated through 2020-21 proposed under the UCSD 2004 Long Range Development Plan (LRDP). The LRDP is a general land use plan and capacity analysis that guides the physical development of the campus. Based upon academic and student life goals, the LRDP identifies institutional and development objectives, delineates campus land uses, and estimates the campus building capacity.

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Environmental Document Review

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