The 2004 Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) and Environmental Impact Report (EIR) have designated campus natural resources consisting of canyons, steep slopes, native vegetation, and eucalyptus groves as "Park". This integrated system of open spaces contributes significantly to the campus' identity and character and is planned as a permanent campus feature to preserve these natural resources. The UCSD Park consists of three (3) types of natural reserves that have different constraints to development: Ecological Reserve, Restoration Lands and Grove Reserve.

UCSD Open Space Management Program

The 2004 LRDP EIR implements an Open Space Management Program intended to maintain and enhance existing biological values within the UCSD Park. Activities addressed by the program include habitat restoration/enhancement, exotic species control/removal, erosion control, trash removal, public awareness, recreational activities research/education activities, and operational protocols. It also includes monitoring measures for both habitat and species in the UCSD Park. A habitat banking and monitoring program was established wherein the geographic boundaries of all mitigation lands (and associated habitat descriptions) are entered into a computer database, and monitoring of those mitigation lands is conducted by a qualified biologist to ensure the habitat values are being maintained. For more information, click here.

UCSD Habitat Management Plan

A Habitat Management Plan (HMP) was prepared for the management of the approximately 120-acre Ecological Reserve pursuant to the Open Space Management Program contained within the 2004 UCSD LRDP EIR. The HMP takes the Open Space Management Program a step farther by providing specific direction for the preservation and long-term management of the Ecological Reserve and expands upon the applicable management guidelines identified in the LRDP. Implementation of the specific recommendations in the HMP ensures that the habitat functions and values of the Ecological Reserve are maintained and protected over the long term. Given that UCSD does not record conservation easements over mitigation areas on campus lands, the HMP provides the protection of the biological functions and values of the reserve lands on campus in perpetuity.

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