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Physical & Community Planning Mission

Physical & Community Planning's overarching mission is to prepare and advance campus land use plans so that the environmental quality, aesthetic value, and functional effectiveness of the university is safeguarded. Charged to oversee the development and implementation of land use plans, Physical and Community Planning provides a wide range of analyses and administrative services pertaining to urban and open space planning and design. Physical and Community Planning plays a significant role in pre-planning efforts to support various customers across campus.

Physical & Community Planning participates on teams geared to advance major building projects through interactions with ad hoc building advisory committees and standing planning groups including the Campus/Community Planning Committee and the Design Review Board. These committees are in addition to involvement with other non-UCSD and community focused groups.

Another key function is maintaining an effective liaison between the UCSD Campus and the San Diego community regarding the campus' physical development. A greater knowledge of both on- and off-campus projects and plans results in better coordination and cooperation.

Physical & Community Planning is responsible for environmental impact reviews, in accordance with the guidelines established by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). On a project to project basis the environmental planners compile information on the University's ongoing efforts to minimize the negative environmental effects of its operations and development.

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Environmental Document Review

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