Physical Design Framework


In 2007, the University of California initiated efforts to identify specific opportunities to achieve administrative efficiencies within the Office of the President (OP) and across the system. One outcome of those efforts was the recommendation to engage in an in-depth study of the capital project review and approval process and, if warranted, propose modifications. Subsequently, recommendations from a Capital Projects Working Group, comprised of campus and OP representatives and supported by the Monitor Group, were advanced. In March 2008, the Regents authorized an 18-month pilot phase to implement the new process. UC San Diego is the first campus to be part of this new pilot process. In concert with the 2004 LRDP (and the associated 2004 LRDP Environmental Impact Report), UC San Diego's Physical Design Framework and Capital Financial Plan have been prepared to provide an effective and valid basis for developing new facilities that will address the campus' key academic, strategic, and auxiliary program objectives.

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