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As detailed in the Physical Design Framework the campus has prepared a portfolio of plans which include the 2004 UCSD Long Range Development Plan (LRDP), the 1989 Master Plan Study, and a set of neighborhood planning studies. The LRDP incorporates five guiding planning principles from the Master Plan Study that provide the basis for the neighborhood planning studies. These studies supply provide more focused program information, refined land use plans, and design guidelines which guide the development of capital improvement projects in specific areas of campus. "The UCSD Master Plan Study and It's Antecedents" is a document prepared in 1995 that provides a brief overview of the UCSD Master Plan, with an explanation of how the physical planning of the campus is derived from the unique history, culture and values of UCSD.

The 2004 UCSD LRDP and its Environmental Impact Report were certified by the UC Regents in September 2004. The LRDP identifies development objectives, delineates land uses, projects population changes, and estimates the new building space needed to achieve defined academic and strategic program expansion through the planning horizon year of 2020-21.

A LRDP has also been prepared for the 56-acre UCSD Medical Center Hillcrest campus in 1995. Urban Design Guidelines were also prepared that describe the design elements that will guide the physical development of the Medical Center Hillcrest. Available for download: 1995 Medical Center Hillcrest LRDP and 1993 Urban Design Guidelines.

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