UCSD 2004 Long Range Development Plan

The 2004 Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) for the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) is a general land use plan and capacity analysis that guides the physical development of the campus through 2020-21. Based upon academic and student life goals, the LRDP identifies institutional and development objectives, delineates campus land uses, and estimates the campus building capacity.

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Executive Summary (7 pages, PDF 848KB)
  • Includes Document Cover;
  • Table of Contents;
  • List of Tables and Figures; and
  • Executive Summary.

Chapter 1: Introduction (11 Pages, PDF 1.11MB)
  • Introduces the concept and limits of the plan;
  • Discusses aspects of UCSD's history, organization, relationship to the community, and previous LRDPs that are relevant to a full understanding of this document; and
  • Briefly describes the 2004 LRDP process.

Chapter 2: The Planning Context (27 Pages, PDF 1.96MB)
  • Sets forth enrollment projections, academic plans, and ancillary programs that provide the basis for the physical plan;
  • Enumerates all properties under the purview of UCSD; and
  • Describes the existing facilities, land uses, and environmental setting of the campus.
Chapter 3: The 2004 LRDP (15 Pages, PDF 779KB)
  • Presents estimates of the enrollments, faculty, staff, space, and parking needed to fulfill the Campus's academic and ancillary program objectives;
  • Describes the five broad planning concepts derived from the UCSD Master Plan Study; and
  • Updates UCSD's general land use, transportation, circulation, and parking plans.

Appendix A: UCSD Existing Buildings by Location and Year Occupied (13 Pages, PDF 253KB)

Appendix B: 2004 LRDP Land Use Plan (black & white) (1 Page, PDF 71KB)

2004 LRDP Land Use Plan (color) (1 Page, PDF 62KB)

2004 LRDP Environmental Impact Report

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