UCSD Master Plan Study


Located at the heart of a regional system of canyons and mesas, on a site with some breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding foothills, the UC San Diego campus is a place of remarkable natural beauty.

The physical setting of a university is an integral part of the educational experience for all those who come to live, learn, and work there. This relationship is not lost on the men and women who administer UC San Diego, teach its students, and carry out its research programs. With growth has come a strong sense to foster what is best about the campus.

The Master Plan Study is a response to this desire, as well as to the need to accommodate the campus' academic plans. By defining qualities that are most critical to the campus' identity and its strength as an academic setting, and by suggesting ways in which they can be preserved and enhanced as the campus grows, the Master Plan Study provides a basis for stewardship.

Download and View the 1989 UCSD Master Plan Study

Table of Contents and Introduction (15 Pages, PDF)
  • Table of Contents
  • List of Tables/Figures
  • Introduction: The Guiding Principles of
    the Master Plan
UCSD 1989 (12 Pages, PDF)
  • Academic Plans
  • Steady State Program
  • The Setting
  • Constraints and Developable Land
The Plan (31 Pages, PDF)
  • The Five Planning Principles
  • Campus Open Space System
  • Circulation
  • Transportation
West Campus (28 Pages, PDF)
  • Neighborhoods and Colleges
  • University Center
  • West Campus Space Projections
East Campus (5 Pages, PDF)
  • Assumptions and Development Concept
  • Neighborhoods and Academic Corridors
  • Open Space and The Park
  • Circulation, Parking and Transportation
  • Planning Guidelines
Scripps Institution of Oceanography (10 Pages, PDF)
  • Assumptions and Development Concept
  • Planning Guidelines
  • Landscape
  • Circulation, Parking and Transportation
Guidelines and Plan Implementation (15 Pages, PDF)
  • Process and Participation
  • Future Planning
  • Updating the Plan